Overwatch is a team-based, online-only first-person shooter. Each of the characters comes equipped with a unique weapon (or set of weapons) and special abilities. This arena shooter looks, sounds, and feels great, with a Pixar film touch to the animation, without feeling overly childish. The more I play it, the more I enjoy its slick gameplay animation. Even during your match, you are able to change characters to counter the opposing team. Every character is just as well developed as the next, such as Bastion isn’t just a robot, he’s a “left behind” warrior of the Omnic Crisis, where robots rose up against their human overlords. Zarya, the famous strong-woman athlete who can use her Particle Cannon to shield allies and herself. D.Va, the South Korean pro gamer turned mech-warrior, everyone is fun to play. This commitment to detail isn’t just evident in their backstories either. There’s a "Play of the Game" and a spot of voting after every round, and when you’re featured, it feels like a massive pat on the back (you can even nominate enemies).

In clichéd but nonetheless intriguing “freedom fighters versus oppressors” fashion, Overwatch is an elite strike force organized by the United Nations to fight against the Omnic strongholds during the great Omnic Crisis, a war between machines and humans. After the end of the crisis, Overwatch reached a golden age, when the heroes gained notoriety and fame. During this time, the agents acted as a peace organization amongst people and machine; aided in natural crisis and rescue; as well as space exploration and medical research. Towards the end of Overwatch’s 20 years of existence, the organization started to fall out of favor with the civilian population. Conflict ensued over the lack of tact that came with militarization. Skepticism grew and rumors spread, that the supposed heroes allegedly exercised malicious techniques during covert missions. A valuable member of the Overwatch team became rogue and vowed to see to the downfall of the group. He was soon confronted by the team, and the team’s headquarters fell to ruins. The U.N. then passed the PETRAS ACT to render any and all heroic acts against the law, and anyone who do so will be arrested.

by Lemar Carmichael