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Know Me Mobile - All Identification cards in a pocket.

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Know Me Mobile is a all in one application for each and every identification card you own. I plan to create a Mobile Application, as well as a Web Page that showcase the application for identity card holder for all your digital devices. .iOS, Apple Watch, Android, & Window Devices.




Know Me Mobile is the App for handling your identification cards. Cut down the hassle of a bulky wallet full of cards – Download the App, and add your cards. Keep all of your cards in the phone and enjoy all of your comfort!



You can even customize your digital card with a personal photograph.

The features:

  • – Simple intuitive UI Design;
  • – Fast and easy access to card information;
  • – Organize great number of cards;
  • – Save money on reordering new cards.

What's News

  • – Changed design
  • – Fixed bugs;
  • – Improved Stability and performance.


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Update Size Installs
March 16, 2018 20M 10,000+
Category Requires Android Languagess
  • Lifestyle
  • Productivity
  • Cards
4.1 and up
  • English
  • Spanish
Current Version Requires Android Content Rating
9.14.3 4.1 and up Everyone
Developers Copyright Price
  • Donovan Carmichael
  • Visit Site
  • Art Institute of San Francisco, California
  • United States
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When a user learns a specific gesture, it becomes a significant part of his or her user experience. There few chances this movement will ever be forgotten. One of the main advantages of gesture controls is in reducing the number of steps and clicks needed to perform a specific action in a mobile app. To delete, tapping an item, navigating through the menu to find a necessary option, and clicking on this option is a quite time-consuming task. Swiping that item would take much less time.

Intuitive Controls

Buttons obviously cannot disappear from the mobile app design. They play a crucial role in driving calls-to-actions. However, in case where gestures feel more natural and intuitive, and they simplify user interaction, they have to be implemented.

Cloud Security

Know Me Mobile runs over a powerful cloud backend which allows remote global access, while ensuring that a team member can not log in from another unauthorized device.

Sharing Selected Accounts 

Selected accounts can be shared with family, friends or colleagues who need to cooperate approval for licenses. Everyone can contribute from any platform, whether it be Android, iPhone or the Web.